Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 Earth Day Fundraising Activities

We thought we'd offer you some ideas to kick off your Spring 2009 Fundraising Drives! Luckily we have Earth Day coming up in a couple of months, so we can refocus on the environment. EcoLabel Fundraising's program works well with the activities we have below to tie into your Earth Day festivities.

Ideas for Action around your School Campus or Non-profit:

1. Dedicate a spot in your school or non-profit's parking lot for collecting plastic water bottles. Ask children to bring in water bottles to be recycled that their families consume at home. Teachers and staff may tie in many lessons about water bottles, and their impact on the environment when they are not recycled!

2. Ask each class to come up with a new way to reuse an everyday product that may otherwise end up in the trash. Reward the winning class with a prize!

3. Ask children to individually write down 3 things they could do to help sustain the environment. Even kids can make a huge difference!

Feel free to utilize our Lesson Plans link at the bottom of the EcoLabel Fundraising page, for more ideas to utilize around your school or non-profit! Scheduling these events over the next few months will really help to keep your Eco-Friendly Fundraising campaign on the minds or your supporters.

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