Sunday, January 18, 2009

Green, Going Green, Green Fundraising!

"Going Green" is a term we hear all over the news and in magazines. It really has become a way of life in our everyday lives. Most people recycle and understand the basics of conserving energy around the home, which is a really great step! So, congrats to those of you who have made those strides.

At EcoLabel Fundraising, we hope to expand your eco-friendly reach in to your child's school or your church. Facilitating a green fundraiser is just as easy as any other fundraiser, but comes with many more benefits. For instance, each time a parent buys a green fundraising product they are likely to have one more conversation about the environment than they may have otherwise had before. And, that's pretty neat.

Conducting a fundraiser allows the organizing committee to make a positive impact not only monetarily, but also by leading by example in encouraging others to be environmentally aware.

Eco-friendly fundraising is our passion, and we hope it will become yours!

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