Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fundraising Help!

We certainly appreciate the current economic situation, and how difficult it has become for non-profit and school organizations to raise funds. We'd like to tell you how our program can support your fundraising efforts.

First, we are here to support you by offering you our advice for FREE. We have years of experience standing in your shoes, so we know how it feels to struggle to raise funds.

Second, fundraising can evolve into many things within your organization to raise awareness. You can utilize your skills and understanding of the environment to support your monetary goals. For instance, you may want to couple your fundraising efforts with several eco-friendly activities to which you do all the planning. You can spread the activities out over six to seven weeks. By doing this your serve two purposes:

1. You keep your fundraiser on the mind of the organization's supporters.

2. You impact your organization in a way you may not have done before, since previously you may have just relied on monetary contributions to support extra resources needed within the organization. You or other committee members probably have much to offer that hasn't been tapped in the way of planning activities to support the staff. They will undoubtedly appreciated the extra support at a time where they are probably feeling the pinch due to the lack of monetary resources available to them.

Finally, choose wisely. We offer items that people can justify purchasing in a tough economy. Our green fundraising program items are selected according to quality, longevity and value. We realize there are cheaper alternatives in some cases, but unfortunately many of those products will cause you to have to reach in your pockets to replace them in a short period of time. Of course, we always believe it is important to consider whether or not the item is helping to protect and sustain our environment's resources.

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