Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Green Fundraising for Fall 2010?

Most important - why green fundraising with EcoLabel Fundraising for Fall Fundraising 2010? It's simple and easy. We'll student pack for you, respond to you in lightening speed, and help you every step of the way. We also offer online report tracking to make your paperwork easy.

Eco-friendly fundraising is a guilt-free, practical way to raise funds. Your parents will thank you for offering them the option to participate in a fundraiser that they can find value in. Value ethically and value in purchasing products that they will be able to use for years to come.

Email us for more information or simply sign up Online by clicking on the Registration link on our homepage.

Happy Green Fundraising 2010!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Greening Your School's Fall Fundraiser

As Fall Fundraising has come into full swing, we have been getting flooded with PTA board members, parents and school staff hoping to introduce their school community to a greener fundraising option. We welcome and look forward to this cycle of events that happens this time of year. We understand the disappointment felt by some when they are faced with non-green fundraising choices sent home in their child's backpack. We thought we'd write about it to let you know that it is perfectly normal - many feel the way way you do.

If your school community isn't responding to the same 'ol fundraisers, and you want to add a greener fundraiser, feel free to drop us a line. Our eco-friendly fundraising ideas are great as a primary or supplemental fundraiser should your school have already started or completed a fundraiser this year. No need to wait until next year - you can make a greener choice available this year. Contact us - we'll get you started.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Green Fundraising

Green Fundraising for Fall 2010

We thought we'd answer some common questions about green fundraisers for you. rv

1. How much will my school earn with your eco-friendly fundraising program? Much of that answer depends on yoru PTA/PTO. It is very important that your PTA/PTO board advertise for your green fundraiser consistently. We can supply you email templates and signage per your request. We like to take as much of the work out of it for you that we can, so we have created these tools to assist in your advertising efforts.

2. The products are more expensive than fundraisers our school has done in the past. Will that hurt our sales?

The answer is no. Once your supporters understand that you are asking them to purchase QUALITY products that will last for years to come, they will be on-board for supporting your fundraiser. Generally, as the old saying goes..'you get what you pay for." That holds true for fundraisers, too. We make every effort to limit our products to those that are fun and practical, but mostly practical. We include things you will use again and again, and then fall in love with and wish you had bought more during the fundraiser!

3. Could you send us out a catalog sample of your green fundraisers?

In the interest of not generating excess paper waste, we have implemented a new policy asking schools and non-profits interested in our eco-friendly fundraisers to either send an email requesting a digital copy of a sample catalog or to download it from our website.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fundraising Multiple Ways

Do you have people come to you complaining about the school fundraiser because they know you are on the PTA/PTO board? This is a familiar story that we hear time and again.

Sometimes part of your school community wants the cookie dough or wrapping paper fundraiser while others just yearn for something more healthy and socially-responsible. Enter our Green Fundraising Ideas. We are happy with sharing the "fundraising spotlight" with other programs out there. We figure some responsible, green fundraising is better than nothing at all.

Sign-up for our eco-friendly fundraiser Online is 100% Free. Sign-up is done right through our easy to fill out form On-line by clicking here.

Join the ranks of other schools and non-profits across the country that have embrace a green fundraising option for their supporters to enjoy!

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