Monday, November 10, 2008

Top Five Reasons to Choose an EcoLabel Green Fundraiser!

1. You can be proud to ask your supporters to buy eco-friendly, quality products for your fundraiser!

2. Parents that buy a green product to support your fundraiser are more likely to have one more conversation with their child about the environment than they would have otherwise had that day!

3. Educators can integrate lessons about the environment and being eco-friendly into the classroom instruction that will tie in nicely with your fundraiser.

4. Did your Mom ever say, "Do as I do, not as a say?" You are leading by example and children will remember talking about the environment for years to come.

5. Eco-friendly fundraising supports sustaining the Earth's resources for our children and our grandchildren.


Whether or not you have already had a fall fundraiser, it is still to your advantage to add EcoLabel Fundraising's program! Your supports will buy Holiday Gifts, so why not earn 25% of each dollar they spend for your school?

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