Friday, November 14, 2008

Times Square Going Green

From time to time I like bring to attention a great concept or piece of news I read about that has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with our collective mission in the "green" initiative movement.

I read this article by The New York Times today. Here's an excerpt from the article telling some of the features on the new "eco-friendly" billboard going up in NYC's Time Square:

"The “passive” sign is not studded with light-emitting diodes like so many others in Times Square, but will be lighted by 16 300-watt floodlights. It will feature custom-printed opaque vinyl sheeting bearing the red-and-white Ricoh logo. The sign will be green, nevertheless, a message “to customers, other companies and the world that resources and energy can be used creatively,” Mr. Potesky said. “The point is that there are ways of being environmentally friendly to the planet, even on a billboard.” Unlike the tall propellers in a typical wind farm, the cylindrical Ricoh drum turbines have no sharp blades. They will provide 90 percent of the sign’s power; the rest will come from the solar panels on the sign, feeding electricity to eight collection batteries up in the sign. The drums are so perfectly balanced, Ricoh says, that their rotors could be turned by the wind from a single household electric fan." (New York Times)

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