Thursday, October 15, 2009

Looking for a Greener Fundraiser?

As Fall Fundraising has come into full swing, we have been getting flooded with PTA board members, parents and school staff hoping to introduce their school community to a greener fundraising option. We welcome and look forward to this cycle of events that happens this time of year. We understand the disappointment felt by some when they are faced with non-green fundraising choices sent home in their child's backpack. We thought we'd write about it to let you know that it is perfectly normal - many feel the way way you do.

If your school community isn't responding to the same 'ol fundraisers, and you want to add a greener fundraiser, feel free to drop us a line. Our eco-friendly fundraising ideas are great as a primary or supplemental fundraiser should your school have already started or completed a fundraiser this year. No need to wait until next year - you can make a greener choice available this year. Contact us - we'll get you started.

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