Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long Live the Traditional Non-Profit or School Auction!

We at EcoLabel Fundraising love hearing about the great traditional fund-raising events like Autumn Galas or Annual Auctions. The traditional and anticipation for the supporters and, in a school's case, students, is irreplaceable. We know that it can be daunting for the organizers, but keep up the good work Auction and Carnival event organizers around the country!

Some of our staff talked about those events recently. I recalled back to the day when I would go to and work at the church fund-raising's Fall Festival. My brother and I would look forward to playing the games and eating all those homemade pies! If they had done away with it, we would have been devestated!

Keep it up! I wish I could attend every one of our cooperating or potentially cooperating school or non-profit's Gala, Auction or Festival. What fun that would be!

Having a fund-raising plan is like having a diversified portfolio. We would love to help you raise all that extra money above and beyond your big annual event! Spend your energy on making those memories last for your children and supporters, we'll take the work out of the other fundraising drive for you!

Happy Apple Bobbing, Ring Tossing, Silent Auction Bidding, Craft Making, Bingo Playing, Wheel Spinning, Tractor Racing, Pie Eating, Face Painting......

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